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Custom Pillows

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Come browse our vast fabric selection and work with a team member to design custom pillows to elevate your space!

Create the Pillows of your dreams!

Pillows are a great way to bring together your space's color palette and overall design. Providing extra dimension, texture, color and visual interest!

There are so many ways to get creative in the design process & ensure you have one of a kind pillows! We can't wait to help!

Here at Creative Designs we love educating our clients and friends to ensure they are confident and excited about their choices. We love to empower YOU to create a space you love and are excited to go home to! Set up an appointment to meet with our team for a consultation and browse our extensive fabric and trim library.

Ways to Customize your Pillows!

(Beyond the fabric!)


Flange is another name for the fluttery edges of fabric that extends from your pillow. It typically is between 1/2" to 3" of extra fabric extending from the edges of the pillow.

Knife Edge

Knife edge is the simplest style pillow. It consists of two pieces of fabric that meet to form a sharp "knife" edge. You can choose knife-edge pillows with a zipper that matches your chosen fabric, or choose an envelope back!

Welt or Cording

A welted pillow has a cord going around the edge. You can choose to use the same fabric as your pillow for the cording (self-welt), or choose a contrasting color or texture for an added pop!


Bolster pillow are easy to recognize for their long and cylindrical shape! It consists of one piece of fabric to create the tube shape and two circular pieces to form the end. Great for extra support and to add that finishing touch to your space.

Box Edge

Box edge pillows are a great way to add some extra dimension to your space. They've earned the name "box edge" because they have four sides! They can be square, rectangular, round, etc. You can always get creative choosing a different fabric/trim for your edge or add piping for added interest and color! See below for some great examples.


Trim is a great way to add a little something extra to your design and tie in your pillows to your space. There are so many ways to use trim! Click through the gallery below to see some of our personal favorites.

Feeling inspired?

Call to book an appointment with us today! 904-247-0150

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