Wallpaper & Installation

Updated: Aug 30

Design and decor can bring many elements into play. Wallpaper has been one of those key players we love to see make the difference! Whether it's just an accent wall, a ceiling or a whole room, let us help you make that statement in your space.

Wether you're looking to make a statement or want something more subtle, there is a wallpaper for everyone! Come browse our gallery to see what's right for you.

Common Misconceptions:

  • Wallpaper ruins your walls: WRONG - thanks to changes in technology & application, wallpaper is so easy to remove it'll have you wanting to constantly change it up!

  • Hard to maintain: NOPE - so many wallpapers now are scrubbable, bleachable, and so easy to clean! Come chat with our team to see what wallpaper is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Our space - to #inspire YOU!

See some of our Client Favorites!

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